Noel Bayarri’s sensual striptease in ‘Solos’ ends in a kiss with Marta Peñate – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The ‘Solos’ apartment has been converted into a mini party room with Noel Bayarri starring in one of the most risque moments of reality. Disguised as a quarterback, the canary got into a role in which he looks quite comfortable for give Marta Peñate and the audience a striptease, where they had a blast.

Noel Bayarri’s Striptease in ‘Solos’

On Sunday, February 21, the contestants of ‘Solos’ they held an american themed party with an atmosphere typical of the American series: hamburger for dinner and the most typical clothes, such as the cheerleader for Peñate and the rugby player for Bayarri. After representing the occasional movie scene, one of the most commented moments by reality fans arrived: Noel began to take off his clothes and dance very suggestively while his partner was sitting on a chair.

The former contestant of ‘The Island of Temptations’ could not stop laughing as she stated that she « loves it ». The dances began to be more and more suggestive at the same time Noel took off most of his clothes, although nervous laughter was something that enveloped the situation on the part of both. Only with a brief, the extronista was closer and closer, while Marta enjoyed it like never before.

The night ends in a kiss

Despite not knowing each other before, living together 24 hours inside the apartment has been causing the trust takes hold of both, to finish by playing a very popular game during the holidays: kiss or challenge. Already in their usual clothes, the two decided to test themselves: Noel had to put five ice cubes inside his underwear, but declined to finish the challenge: « Ugh, no, no, no. I’m going to give you a pick. This is so hard. It hurts like you’re being grabbed! » With Marta’s silly laugh as a preliminary, they both got in front of the camera to give themselves the first peak of his stay in ‘Solos’.

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