Nokia changes its logo for the first time in almost six decades to focus on AI and technology

A few days before the start of the Mobile World Congress 2023 Nokia has taken the community by surprise with the announcement of the drastic change in its logo and official corporate image.

The motive behind this move is simple. For decades, especially at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, this brand was associated with the mobile phone industry.

In fact, Nokia’s slogan for quite some time was Connecting People (connecting people), but after its turbulent transition to the use of smartphones, the firm had to evolve and start new projects in other fields.

Thanks to this, Nokia has survived and found new areas of development to position itself as a popular firm in very specific sectors that are not freely and directly accessible to the vast majority of consumers.

For this reason, the time has come for the firm to reflect these changes in its official image, showing a new face according to its current business focus: the future, automation, technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Nokia shows off its new logo to reflect its current line of work

The news agency Reuters has just reported the details of Nokia’s corporate image change, the first of its kind with a radically different visual proposal, since the last almost 60 years.

Now, the new logo is made up of a total of five different ways that end up articulating the word NOKIA.

The iconic blue color of the old logo has been completely removed, extending the range of colors to the maximum, with a tone for each field of application of the business:

“There was the brand with smartphones but today we are an enterprise technology company. We had very good growth of 21% last year in the company, which currently represents about 8% of our sales, (or) 2 billion euros ($2.11 billion) approximately.

But we want to get that into double digits as quickly as possible. The signal is very clear. We only want to be in businesses where we can see global leadership.”

These are the words of the executive president, Pekka Lundmark, in an interview for Reuters. Where he details how this is part of a three-stage project to rebuild Nokia and that started from the start of his leadership in 2020.

New Nokia 2023 logo.

The three phases of his plan are “reboot, accelerate and scale”. With the first stage complete, Lundmark kicks off the acceleration cycle by implementing this makeover.

Nokia now focuses on telecommunications work, but on infrastructure, process automation in factories and industrial environments, as well as managing data center projects.

This means that it will now compete more squarely against Microsoft, Amazon and Google, not Samsung or Apple.