North Korea: Kim promises to “strengthen” nuclear arsenal

On Wednesday, in his closing speech at the one-party congress, leader Kim Jong Un promised to “strengthen” his country’s nuclear arsenal, but also admitted errors in the management of the economy, according to KCNA.

Kim said North Korea has made plans to build a nuclear submarine – a strategically game-changing development. And he cited a long list of strategic weapons including hypersonic nuclear warheads, military reconnaissance satellites and solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles. North Korean military programs have progressed rapidly since Kim Jong Un took office. North Korea carried out its most powerful nuclear test during this period and it acquired missiles capable of reaching the entire continental United States. The continuation of these developments prohibited by several resolutions of the United Nations Security Council has led to a strengthening of international sanctions against Pyongyang.

The North Korean leader was elected “unanimously” secretary general of the ruling Workers’ Party on Sunday at a congress of this party. This congress would also have been an opportunity for Pyongyang to organize a military parade.

The South Korean military said it detected signs that such a parade took place on Sunday evening. However, she was not in a position to say whether it was “the event itself or a rehearsal”.

The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un described as “silly” the South Korean authorities, who had indicated to have observed the signs of a possible military parade this weekend in Pyongyang, again reported Wednesday KCNA. This statement was “senseless” and demonstrated a “hostile attitude” on the part of the South, judged Kim Yo Jong. “We are only organizing a military parade in the capital, no military exercises targeting anyone or launching anything,” she said, implicitly confirming the parade was being held.

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