Not all that glitters is gold

This analysis article on what Biden’s victory means, or rather, the Trump defeat that has promoted Biden’s victory, it is an invitation to meet not only the elected Joe Biden nor even to know the inside of the Democratic Party, it is an invitation to better know American politics, its history, otherwise we will only know half of half a quarter of another half of what happens in the United States politically.

While reading this article it is intended to put some “points on the i”About everything that Biden is and everything that the Democratic Party stands for.

It is not about legitimizing a diabolical idea of ​​what American politics represents – there are also countless very interesting people and initiatives there – and it is not about playing at propping up ideas and speeches that only seek to eliminate Trump from the equation without having consider what the new “king put”.

Information, reflection and data is what should be put on the table if when what we want is to know the policy of a empire political, economic and military. Here we go.

Democrats have a lot of problems too

There is still much data to analyze on the profile of the voters of both candidates. Factors linked between income and vote, ethnicity and vote, gender and vote, the vote of the youngest, changes in the political color of some states, etc.

In 2016, the African-American vote was one of the keys to the failure by Hillary Clinton. In these elections, the Democrats maintain the loyalty of black voters (90%) although Trump has managed to open a small gap in the yes of this community, which reaches up to 10% of voters when Republicans did not usually exceed 8% of intentionality .

More information on these data is lacking, but the fact that conservatives have managed to increase the percentage of black voters seems to point towards the youngest. A curious casuistry, and more considering the recent cases of police brutality with the black population that have blown up neighborhoods and cities across the country.

Also, just on the merits of Trump the vote of the Hispanic community has managed to strengthen states like Florida. Thanks to his anti-Chavista and anti-communist discourse, the New York president has managed to connect with Hispanic voters like Cubans -55% of Cubans have voted Trump- and win cities like Miami. It should be remembered that Obama won in Florida in 2008 and 2012.

It is also true that the Democratic turn of states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona or Wisconsin, represents an interesting turn for the liberals in victories – for example, in Wisconsin they have won by only 20,000 of a total of 3,684,726 registered voters this year. 2020- although it presupposes a political struggle not at all entrenched on the Democratic shore.

Winning by the minimum is not synonymous with victory in the American political system, especially if we take into account that the Republicans are going to fight in each of the states in which they have been defeated because they can, because they have a Leader which for some is a “martyr”, And because the battles in the American states are fought municipality by municipality, and in that field, the Republicans are more than alive.

Even though Trump continues to lead the way among the working-class electorate, thus maintaining its victory in states of the ex-industrial belt such as Ohio and Indiana, faithful until Trump’s arrival at the blue wall. The consolidation of the change of political preferences of some industrial states that attack the heart of the “democrat world”.

In short, political polarization is still very much alive in the United States. As much as Biden win in some former red states, Trump has continued to increase his total voter turnout – 70 million voters against Biden’s 75 million – and has managed to consolidate the outburst of historic states from the Democrats, which means that the Democratic base electorate -especially the industrial working class- is transforming without a specific direction not a very defined identity symbol so far.

It is not gold all that glitters. no tiene por qué compartir la totalidad del contenido de los artículos que se publican en alguna de sus secciones de opinión.

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