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In the NotGames Not For Broadcast propaganda simulation game, players become part of a news team, National Nightly News. Players are guided through the early days of the game to learn how to edit live broadcasts as they happen, with the idea of ​​certain things being censored or shown in a specific way. It’s a game that puts players in the seat of a propaganda machine with the expectation of following the line, but the player doesn’t have to do it entirely. In a fantastic mix of propaganda and free will, Not For Broadcast lets the player decide what to watch, giving them the opportunity to choose where it could not be otherwise.

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The game shows this mix well when it introduces the mechanics of selecting an image when talking about important figures. The voice from a nearby helping phone, Dave, will warn you to show your best picture by reminding players that what they show will affect these people’s lives, but other than that, the game doesn’t end up forcing good pictures into the air. . Players are free to choose the image they think should be broadcast, whether the highest rankings are satisfied with it or not. A great example of this is a story about a soccer player. Players can choose to frame the story around their new partner or the unfortunate events they encountered in a pub the night before, with the player free to decide for themselves which story ends up on air.

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