Nothing to the imagination, Kylie Jenner in peculiar metallic mesh outfit

Nothing to the imagination, Kylie Jenner in peculiar metallic mesh outfit (INSTAGRAM)

Nothing to the imagination, Kylie Jenner in peculiar metallic mesh outfit | INSTAGRAM

It is not a secret that the socialite and businesswoman, Kylie Jenner, likes to be the center of attention, something that she achieves completely every time she decides to post a new photograph, video, or even their respective stories from her official profile on Instagram, since In just a few hours, it manages to gather millions of reactions from its followers, including “likes” and comments.

And that is exactly what caused this time, that, although it is a photography a little over a year ago, the snapshot managed to capture so much attention that it even made headlines in entertainment news in the United States and some Spanish-speaking countries, where Kylie has the majority of her ardent fans.

It is an image where he promoted Kylie Skin’s summer collection, precisely in July 2019, which he carried by name “Summer Body Collection”, and it was available for sale from July 22 of that same year, although we all know that, in the first hours of being available, sales soared and in just a couple of days there was no longer a single article of the collection.

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Likewise, to give a reason for being to the name of the collection, Kylie, shared a tremendous image, posing as only she knows how to do it, and at the same time showing her outlined tanned figure, of course, showing all the results of using her skin care products.

Although, clearly her face reflects a little less maturity than she currently has, the truth is that she continues to look fantastic, in addition to that the dark color in her hair favors her a lot, because it makes her look younger, but at the same time gives him an enigmatic personality.


In the surprising piece of entertainment, we can see perfectly every inch of the model’s skin, and we know that she has always been proud of her figure and whenever she has the opportunity, she takes photographic sessions wearing outfits of this style, where it only covers what is necessary, showing a lot of skin and leaving practically nothing to the imagination.

The charming image shows us Kylie lying down looking up, covering her great front attributes with her hands, revealing her outlined and outlined abdomen, as well as we can appreciate every millimeter of her gluteal region, making viewers drool.

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Kylie, decided to wear a maya outfit, with pearls in each of the corners that form the rhombuses of the mesh, it is a small piece, body style, which certainly does not cover anything, but clearly this neither to the fans nor to the businesswoman bothers him at all.

It should be noted that, since the appearance of that peculiar outfit, Kylie chose to choose this type of ensemble for her casual clothes and to go out, because, after this, we could see her on some other several occasions wearing stylish textile pieces Mayan, although with other types of fabrics.

As, for example, once, together with one of her best friends, or, as she mentions her “her twin”, also the model Anastasia Karanikolaou, they posed with a fishnet dress, which also showed much more skin than normal , mesh style, although Kylie wore the color blue and anastasia opted for the color red, they both looked phenomenal.

Another of the occasions where we could see Jenner with an outfit in this style, she shared that, reviewing old photos, she found a “jewel”, referring to an image of herself, wearing a black onesie, which was obviously in mesh style , and she really carries it with great vanity, showing off her spectacular physical figure to the fullest.

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