Number 18 transforms into a sexy disciple of Master Roshi in this spectacular FanArt

There’s no denying that Master Roshi’s disciples develop quite extraordinary martial arts skills in Dragon Ball. Goku, clearly helped by his native race -saiyan-, is one of the most prominent. But Krillin and Yamcha, with the later additions of Ten Shin Han and Chaoz complete the prime of the leader of the Turtle School.

Let’s then play a little about what would happen if other members of the Z Warriors had been part of Master Roshi’s teachings, in their development as fighters of one of the Dragon Ball arcs.

Specifically, let’s talk about what Android 18 would have accomplished. Would she be a more powerful warrior? Or do you think it would be the same, but with other techniques?

It is complex to know, and although many are imagining in this negative characteristic of Master Roshi, we anticipate that there would be no chance because the humanoid developed by the Red Patrol would put him in his place in a couple of seconds.

We have witnessed how Number 17 increased his power with arduous training. So clearly Krillin’s wife could do better if she dedicates herself to learning the principles of martial arts taught by Master Roshi.

In this way, the broad imagination of a social media illustrator, identified as @kajinman_art (according to a review by Spaghetti Code), expresses in a FanArt design, what Number 18 would look like wearing the Turtle School outfits.

That same Krillin suit with the kanji that Master Roshi puts on his kimonos, but exhibited by the development of the Red Patrol.