Number of deaths and infections with coronavirus February 23

The incidence of the epidemic in Spain has left the zone of ‘extreme’ risk again after almost two consecutive months above 250 points that determine this threshold, as agreed by the Ministry of Health and the regional governments.

The 235.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days -16.4 points less than on Monday- that appear in the Health report this Tuesday are unprecedented since last December 21, when this indicator stood at 224.9 points.

Although the national average is already below the maximum risk level, there are still six communities -Madrid (362.5), Basque Country (287.7), Aragon (271), Andalusia (261.1), Castilla y León (252) and Asturias (251) – in addition to Ceuta and Melilla they still exceed 250 points.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has notified a total of 7,461 new positives and 443 deaths, two indicators that continue to decline, although at different rates.

The number of new cases known this afternoon is the lowest in more than four months, since to find a minor record you have to go back to October 13, when 7,118 positives were reported and that was the day after a holiday. The communities that have reported the most cases have been Catalonia (2,030), Madrid (1,671), Valencian Community (829) and Andalusia (797).

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Although incidence at both 14 and 7 days continues to decline, there are already some signs of a slowdown in the decline in cases. The weight of the two-week incidence of infections that occur in the nearest week has increased uninterruptedly since last February 17, going from 33.9% to 38% in six days. This proportion, called the rate ratio, had been declining steadily for more than a month, and often anticipates trend changes in the epidemic.

Regarding the deceased, the figures continue to decrease and the daily average for the last 7 days is already below 300 deaths. In just 12 days, this figure has fallen by 61.3%, from 487 to 298.6.

Meanwhile, in hospitals, the beds keep emptying at a good rate. This Tuesday the number of patients with Covid admitted stands at 14,169, 1,000 less than there were on Monday. If the rate at which hospitalizations are reduced continues in the coming days, those admitted could fall below 10,000 next Monday, which would mean a return to the situation similar to that of the first third of October.

However, in intensive care the descent is slower. The data for this Tuesday speaks of 3,365 admitted to the ICU (168 less than on Monday), which represents an average occupation of 31.5% of the available places.

The communities that are under the greatest pressure at the moment are Madrid (45.35%), Ceuta (41.2%), Catalonia (40.6%) and Castilla y León (40.03%), which are still above 40% occupancy.

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