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Do you have an Nvidia graphics card? We recommend that you update the drivers as soon as possible. What happens is that a security vulnerability was discovered and this update fixes it.

As GameSpot account, a couple of days ago Nvidia released a new update for its GPU drivers. It is a patch that seeks to repair some security holes that caused denial of service attacks or the possibility of an attacker receiving more privileges on your PC.

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Now, you should know that a possible attacker would have to have local access to your PC in order to take advantage of many of these vulnerabilities. Despite this, it is a serious situation that can put some at risk, which is why Nvidia considers them as high-risk vulnerabilities. We recommend that you install the update as soon as possible.

Of course, you should not expect the update to bring any specific improvement for a game. Let’s remember that, although Nvidia usually releases drivers to optimize the use of its cards in different releases, the reality is that this patch is only focused on security.

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What you can expect is that it fixes some problems that have probably given Nvidia graphics card owners a headache in recent weeks. For example, fix some incorrect contrast levels when using HDR on compatible displays. Especially LG OLED screens.

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