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A programmer has made it possible for Twitter users to beat the game on their profile picture.

Pokémon Red / Pokémon Blue

We are aware that you probably think we have gone totally crazy, but no, everything has an explanation. If you are fans of Pokémon, especially the classics, now you have a new way to overcome Pokémon Red. A programmer has made a script that makes his profile picture a “screen” and the Twitter users They can move the game to try to pass it to them.

Constantin Liétard has been the author of this curious initiative. To be able to beat the game, tweeters must coordinate well and command the correct commands. Every 15 seconds, the account’s profile photo change and reflects the state of the game. To be able to do an action, a person has to comment and the tweet with the most support is the one that the program selects to carry out the next move.

These are the commands: “Up (up), Down (down), Left (left), Right (right), A, B, Start, Select”. The truth and truth is that the video game is, at the moment, being outdone for all the fans who are listening. What’s more, the game was restarted, as Liétard has added an option to be able to save all the profile photos, something that will surely be curious to see when this is over.

As you can see in the photo at the beginning, that is the game status at the time of writing this news, with the character in the Green Forest. How will it go right now? It’s certainly a lot of fun and hopefully the Twitter community can top the game. Yes, probably this don’t be so weird like that fish that couldn’t finish Pokémon Emerald because of a bug.

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