On iPadOS 14.5, Scribble is available in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese

When Apple introduced iPadOS 14 it included a new feature called Scribble, in Spanish it’s called Handwriting. This function allows us to use the Apple Pencil, and some alternatives, to write in any text box we have on the iPad with the Pencil without having to use the keyboard. The iPad will recognize our writing.

handwriting on iPados 14
Handwriting with Apple Pencil and iPad in a search box

Although it is true that we could use this function, more or less well, until now, with the arrival of iPadOS 14.5 Handwriting will be officially available in Spanish, and in German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Remember that the beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.5 arrived several weeks ago with many interesting news and among them we have Scribble in Spanish. Beta 2 added even more news, such as the arrival of up to 200 new emojis.

Scribble will soon be available to everyone

Scribble can be used on the iPad to write iMessages, search in Safari, find directions in Maps, create Notes, schedule Calendar events, and much more. In addition we also allows you to copy handwritten notes, and paste them in machine format. It is also capable of recognizing numbers, emails or addresses.

The truth is that it is a very interesting functionEspecially if you are using the Apple Pencil, as you could write really quickly. And if you’re one of those who take notes by hand, this handwriting recognition feature can become essential.

It is expected that the Final version of iPadOS 14.5 arrives later this month or early March. And as we see there are many news that it includes, it may be the last major update before the launch of iOS 15.

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