One hundred years of division, discord and open wounds in the two Irish

Northern Ireland’s centenary is celebrated against the backdrop of unionist unrest and fragmentation

Clashes between nationalists and unionists, this April.


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Updated Sunday, May 2, 2021 – 02:30

United Kingdom The resignation of Arlene Foster plunges Northern Ireland into a new crisis Questions and answers Why the violence in Northern Ireland

After a hundred years of divisions, a hundred impassable walls still separate Protestants and Catholics on the streets of Belfast. They call them “walls of peace” when they should call them “walls of violence”: hurtful testimonies of the most segregated city in Europe, where the conflict between unionists and republicans remains very latent, now reactivated by the controversial Irish Protocol of Brexit.

Before the wall of Lanark Way, with its metal gates and defiant barbed wire, they have fought

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