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Xbox Game Pass continues to surprise consumers with the arrival of recent releases to its catalog. In fact, there is a new rumor that one of the candidates for GOTY 2020 could be on the way to service.

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What happens is that one of the members of the XboxEra podcast mentioned that Supergiant Games, Pyre and Transistor’s studio, could be about to make its return to Xbox. This with the launch of Hades, an independent title that surprised last year and is considered one of the great releases of 2020.

According to the rumor, Hades would arrive on Xbox before the end of the year. The interesting thing is that the possibility that it is a premiere that is available on Xbox Game Pass from its launch day in the Xbox ecosystem is open.

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Should you believe this rumor?

Without a doubt it is an interesting rumor right, this is why you must be wondering, should I believe it? We recommend that you take it with a grain of salt, but don’t rule out the possibility either.

The thing is, Nick Stone, a member of the XboxEra podcast, is considered a relatively trusted source by Xbox fans. Considering that he was the one who shared the rumor, it is possible that he did hear something about it and that he is not someone who is just making up rumors.

On the other hand, Microsoft has worked hard to bring major releases from independent studios to Xbox and become part of Game Pass. Considering how well Hades did with gamers and critics, we’d be surprised if they weren’t working on getting it to Xbox.

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That said, the reality is that we do not believe that it is a 100% reliable source. For this reason, we recommend avoiding too exciting.

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