OnePlus will soon launch its first mechanical keyboard: this is its design

OnePlus wants to expand its product catalog beyond its mobiles, headphones and watches. The company, which a few weeks ago hinted at entering the PC market with the launch of two monitors, plans to launch its first peripheral next February, a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting that will come with an interesting design, according to a recent leaked image. .

The photograph, revealed by the portal 91Mobiles, shows the upper right area of ​​what will be the first OnePlus mechanical keyboard. This one, in particular, will be completely white, with some elements in different colors. It will have a red button located in the upper area that could be used to turn on and pair the keyboard, as well as a yellow ‘Enter’ key.

OnePlus, for its part, states on its website that the keyboard will have a “double-joint design” and that the keys will have a kind of shock absorbers for a soft touch. It also reveals that although the device is officially announced in February, its production will not start until March or May; a considerable waiting time considering that it is a keyboard. The company, yes, will announce it first in India, but it could reach the global market later.

Is OnePlus peeking into the PC business?

The OnePlus keyboard will be complemented by two monitors that the Asian company now belonging to Oppo announced last December. One of them is the OnePlus E24, a 24-inch screen with Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, which also has USB-C, HDMI and VGA ports. The second is a monitor focused on gaming, with a 27-inch screen, QHD resolution and a refresh rate of up to 165Hz.

The launch of these devices does not just suggest that OnePlus wants to enter the PC market or, at the very least, the market for PC peripherals. The company also seems to follow a strategy very similar to manufacturers like Xiaomi, which has a wide ecosystem of products that go beyond its phones, headphones, or watches. OnePlus, in fact, also sells televisions in India and is also preparing its first tablet.