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Bethesda presented us at The Game Awards 2020 a preview of Gates of Oblivion, the next major expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. The company confirmed that the full disclosure of the content would be on January 21, but the plans changed.

This is due to the political landscape that currently exists in the United States. Joe Biden will take office as president of the country on January 20, that is, a few hours before the Bethesda event.

The company believes that, for safety reasons of some of its employees and partners, it is better to move the date of the disclosure. So fans will have to be patient to learn more about Gates of Oblivion.

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There is a new date for the reveal of TES Online: Gates of Oblivion

Through the game’s social media, Bethesda reported that the Gates of Oblivion event will not take place on January 21 as originally planned. Fortunately for the fans, the presentation already has a new date.

Details on the expansion will be released on Tuesday, January 26. The information will be revealed at 4:00 PM, Mexico City time, on the company’s official Twitch channel. Bethesda thanked the players for their understanding of the date change.

The study explained that although the game has a large community around the world, most of the employees who work in it live or work near the capital. Bethesda wants to keep its employees safe from whatever tension the presidential inauguration creates.

Following the reveal, some special guests and Rich Lambert, creative director of the game, will talk in more depth about the world, systems, adventures and challenges of Gates of Oblivion.

If you plan to tune in to the event, we remind you that Bethesda will give out various gifts, such as Twitch Drops and Viridescent Dragon Frog, a free pet for the title. To get the rewards you will only have to view the presentation with a linked account.

Finally, Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno, members of the title team, will talk about the reveals and about the content coming to the game throughout the year.

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The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Search this link for all the news related to him.

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