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Diego Ortega / NV

“I suppose that those who stormed the Alcázar de San Juan City Hall encouraged by the left in 2014, will be reflected in the assault on the Washington Capitol. The seizure of any official building by force is just as undemocratic, whether in the US or in Alcázar ”. Statements by Diego Ortega, on January 6, 2021. Comparisons are always odious (Don Quixote II 23).

Diego Ortega, neighbor:

As you know, a few days ago, on the occasion of the assault on the US Capitol, the Spanish right timidly declared condemnation of the events and devised a strategy seeking equidistance, including your party, the Popular, establishing parallels in our country with what happened there. And you, obediently, bring out again the great shame to the town of Alcázar, which you starred in as mayor, without a doubt taking your feet out of the pot.

You also know that in Alcázar, in 2014, there was no assault or violence. There is no complaint or eviction. It was a peaceful citizen action, defending what belonged to the people and wanting to show our disagreement with your closure.

You know that what the photographs of Alcázar reflect was a protest against the sale of our municipal company, Aguas, and the privatization of a human right, such as water.
That the only brute force there was was that used a few days later by the riot police you called.

That you should be ashamed to compare your neighbors, whom you know well, with “the troops” that stormed the Capitol. Look carefully at the pictures and think.
We know that you are not going to rectify, as you have been doing for the last six years, you continue to justify the accounting stratagem that you used, against the opinion of the auditors, to force the privatization of Aguas de Alcázar.

Finally, we remind you that the privatization of Agua de Alcázar was illegal, as the sentence shows.

Neighbor, good morning, health and public water.

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