Opponent Alexeï Navalny threatened with prison if he returns to Russia – .

Russian authorities have announced their intention to arrest Alexey Navalny if he returns to Russia. An intimidation, denounces the opponent.

He violated the terms of a prison sentence

The Russian opponent, Alexei Navalny, announced his intention to return to Russia, Wednesday January 13. In reply, the Russian prison services (FSIN) have indicated their intention to arrest him if he returns home next Sunday. During this announcement, Thursday January 14, the Russian authorities indicated that the opponent violated the conditions of a suspended prison sentence.

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Indeed, the FSIN accuses him of not having presented himself to the Russian prison services twice a month. These conditions are mandatory for a 3.5-year suspended prison sentence to which Alexei Navalny was convicted in 2014. This entity assured that the opponent did not respond to a summons on October 23 and did “notified a month later“that he was in Germany. She admitted, however, to” take into account “the fact that he was for three weeks in a coma in a Berlin hospital.

Maneuvers to intimidate him

This statement by the Russian prison services was denounced by the opponent. He pointed to maneuvers of the Kremlin to scare him, and prevent him from entering. “They are doing everything to scare me and all that is left for Putin is to post a sign on the Kremlin that says ‘Alexei, please do not come in under any circumstances’“, he meant, in the video announcing his return.

Back to the facts

Alexei Navalny was the victim of suspected poisoning after returning from a trip to Siberia. He fell into a coma before being medically transferred to Germany, where he has been since August. The Russian prison services have nevertheless assured that he has been wanted since the end of December and risks imprisonment.

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