Oryzon, Repsol, Solaria and Siemens Gamesa

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The selective Spanish seems to want to stick to the 8,100 points to avoid continuing to correct at the beginning of the year that denota much weakness although it is true that we are still in laterality.

In fact, we’ll still have to talk about laterality while we are trading above 8,000 points.

However, whatever happens we always have a set of values ​​that are doing tremendously well and several of them are worth being in. my control panel. They are in a very important technical moment in addition to having many investors attentive to them.

What should you invest in according to your age ?:

1) Oryzon Genomics: Has all prepared to break its resistance of 3.8 euros, so we have to be attentive to its possible break in today’s session since after it a continuity scenario opens up to 4.2 euros, passing 3.8 euros to be the support to be maintained.

2) Siemens Gamesa: Keep marking new all-time highs and shows good strength as long as it does not lose 33.2 euros.

3) Repsol: After a spectacular rise in yesterday’s session, today we will have to pay attention to see what happens with 8.7 euros since we need to confirm a second close above this level and after 9 euros to think about a big push towards 10.4 euros.

4) Solaria: Interesting climbs that we are seeing after the recent break from the highs of 2007 so we are in free rise and the only thing we have to watch is that it does not lose the 24.45 euros.

Evolution of the values ​​under monitoring

Evolution of the values ​​under monitoring

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