Ostriches Curiosities – They don’t need to drink water

Ostriches are a flightless birds that stand out for their neck and long legs. Males feature striking black and white feathers that they use to attract females, while female feathers are light brown in color.

Also, ostriches are the largest birds in the world. According to the African Wildlife Foundation, they can be 2.7 meters high and weigh up to 145 kilograms. In addition, the eyes of an ostrich are about two inches in diameter, being the largest of all land animals. Another curiosity about ostriches is that they are the only bird that have two toes on each foot, for the rest of the birds have three or four fingers.

These wild birds they inhabit the savannas and dry forests of Africa. In ancient times, they also lived in Asia and Arabia, but due to poaching their population has been reduced to sub-Saharan Africa. However, they can be found in shelters and zoos in all parts of the world.

On the other hand, ostriches are omnivorous animals, so they eat both plants and meat. Also, although prefer the roots, seeds and leaves, They are also capable of eating lobsters, lizards, snakes, and rodents.

If you want to discover more curiosities about ostriches, take a look at the following gallery. These huge birds are most unique.