Ozuna will have his own collectible figure: When?

Ozuna will have his own collectible figure: When?


Ozuna will have his own collectible figure designed by FUNKO.

Ozuna makes history by becoming the first Spanish-speaking urban music singer to have his own collectible figure in partnership with the prestigious companies FUNKO and Univision.

The piece will be available for pre-sale starting today on the official FUNKO website, while in physical stores it will be on sale in early 2021.

The figure of Ozuna sets a precedent for Univision as it is the first time that the Spanish-speaking television network has partnered with a singer for the launch of a collectible item. In addition, it is the first FUNKO product to be made in direct collaboration with the artist, according to Despierta América.

The new FUNKO collectible figure has characteristic details that were selected by the Puerto Rican singer himself, among which his hair and clothing in a completely white hue stand out.

FUNKO is a renowned miniature collectibles company that has honored the legacy of artists such as Post Malone, Shawn Mendes, Steven Tyler, Shania Twain and Marilyn Manson. The figures are characterized by having a modest cost of eleven dollars.

FUNKO’s website highlights that they are “one of the leading creators and innovators of pop culture products licensed to a wide range of consumers.” On the other hand, the company points out that it “designs and distributes highly collectible products in multiple categories that include vinyl figures, action toys, stuffed animals and household items.”

Ozuna: An artist with firm steps in the music industry

Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, known artistically as Ozuna, is a prominent Puerto Rican singer who began his career in 2010 with the publication of his musical performances on digital platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Ozuna achieved greater projection in 2015 after his singles “Si Tu Marido Doesn’t Want You” and “No Wants to Fall in Love” were positioned with great success on radio stations specialized in urban music. While in 2016 he added great success to his artistic career by collaborating with Daddy Yankee on the musical theme “La Ocasión”.

At present, Ozuna is considered one of the Spanish-speaking singers with the highest number of albums sold worldwide and broke the record on YouTube as the artist with the most videos that exceed one billion visits on the platform.

The Puerto Rican artist’s musical talent has been awarded five recognitions at the Billboard Music Awards, twelve Billboard Latin Music Awards, and four Guinness World Records company records.

Ozuna has also been involved with social causes with his collaboration with “ODISEA CHILDREN FUND”, an organization with the objective of supporting community programs focused on providing a better future for children and adolescents in Latin America.

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