Paco Porras, in poverty, had warned that his friends had left him lying: “They don’t give a shit about me”

Save me revealed this Tuesday that Paco Porras, the television face friend of Yurena, Leonardo Dantés or Tony Genil, is going through a difficult personal and economic situation due to being in misery. “He has gone from living at full speed to living in absolute destitution”Kiko Hernández recounted.

The television’s own friends, a regular face of the 90s and 2000s, got in touch with the program to find him.

So far, that has not been possible. What the program has revealed is a conversation with the futurologist himself, who spoke a few weeks ago with the Telecinco space.

A conversation that progressed on Tuesday and that was broadcast in full this Wednesday and in which Porras has gave a good account of his economic situation and his health, both very precarious. “I have a heart condition for my whole life,” he said.

“I’m so lonely right now, so many people I know, so many friends … not at all. I don’t know who to turn to”

In addition, he warned that he was alone and without any kind of friendly hand to help him and that, perhaps, explain the current situation he is going through. “From my close friends no one has supported me, they have left me alone, high and dry, they don’t give a shit”Paco complained, who also said that he has not worked for five months: “With the operation I cannot do anything, I have no performances, I do not have bowling pins, I don’t even have my medicines and I can die from one moment to another, I have been six days I don’t take them. “

“I’m so lonely right now, so many people I know, so many friends … not at all. I don’t know who to turn to. I’m so lonely right now!”Porras recounted, shocking everyone.

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