Palestinian elections in 2021: dates have been set but doubt remains …

Dhe elections in Palestine! This prospect was suddenly made more tangible on January 16 by an announcement by the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas who, for the first time in fifteen years, even dared to give two precise dates: the May 22 for the legislative elections and July 31 for the presidential election.

Palestinians still live under Israel’s military occupation. Or, in Gaza, under siege, surrounded by Israel and Egypt. Elections within the framework of the “peace process” had nevertheless taken place in 1996 (victory of Yasser Arafat crowned president of the PA and of his party Fatah), in 2005 (Abbas elected president) and in 2006 (the Islamists of the Hamas defeating Fatah). Since then, no more polls have been held, Abbas continues to chair the PA as Hamas seized power in Gaza and Fatah controls the West Bank.

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