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Parler CEO John Matze openly acknowledges that he is having serious difficulties finding a provider to help him restore service to his application with 12 million active users. At the moment there is no possibility, but the moment it succeeds, we will return stronger than ever, said Matze.

In a statement to ., Matze spoke about the future of Parler, about which he is not very optimistic after the denial of service on Amazon’s servers. Although the future is uncertain, chances are that Parler can not return to activity, as Matze stated.

Although the CEO of Parler is currently in a dispute with Amazon in court, he believes that the best option would be return to Amazon servers to continue your application activity. Meanwhile, he continues to search for alternatives to try to return at some point.

For security reasons, Matze prefers not to give any reference to the contacts he has had with different computing solutions in the cloud. You understand that, at this time, any company that can help Parler stay active could receive bullying. Even so, it confirms that several of its investors are still active and without a clear decision to abandon the project.

Amazon had a good relationship with Parler

Matze has suspicion how the good relationship with Amazon was broken overnight, to the point of presenting a demand for breach of contract. This past summer, Amazon invited Parler to join an initiative with potential investors.

Now, Amazon hides behind the null moderation of the content that was distributed on the platform. During the assault on the Capitol, in which several people were killed, Parler became a hotbed of violent content. Trump seized the occasion by encouraging rather than condemning the acts, at least in the first instance.

To avoid greater evils, the main social networks maintained a firm position of not giving the president a voice to try relieve pressure that was lived, not only on social networks, but also on the streets of the United States. All except Parler, which led to the suspension on Amazon’s servers and, consequently, the activity of users who belonged to it.

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