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It seemed that he was not going to come back to life, but Parler is taking small steps towards his return. This same Sunday, the website of the social network pointed to a change. He went from carrying his “connection error” as a result of his removal on the Amazon hosting platform to posting a “technical difficulties” image with a message for his followers.


It is a significant change for the social network that has dragged the most controversies since the assault on the United States Capitol. When Twitter decided to delete Donald Trump’s account for what they considered an incitement to violence, the mass of the President’s followers migrated and encouraged the use of the alternative platform. The same that they had been using for months in response to Twitter’s vetoes of Trump’s comments.

Known for allowing any type of comment within its platform, Parler then put himself in the viewer of big technology. Google and Apple announced the removal of the social network from their stores. Amazon went a bit further and decided that Parler couldn’t use its hosting services. According to Bezos’ company, the social network had breached the terms and conditions of its service. Therefore, the elimination did not respond to a limitation of freedom of expression.

A journey through the desert then began for Parler’s founder, John Matze. With the political and social situation in the United States, no hosting service wanted to put itself in the forefront of public opinion and relate to the far right and the Parler conspiracy. The founder himself assured in an interview with . that he found it difficult to find a supplier in these circumstances. And if it continues like this, Parler might not be able to return.

Now, and according to CNN, Parler has found a new collaborator. The social network is already hosted on Epik, servers that also host Gab and 8Chan, other far-right forums closely related to Matze’s company.

At the moment, the social network has not shown any signs of activity as far as users are concerned, but they continue to work on it. According to Matze himself, the company was prepared for a movement of this type against its activity, so having accommodation it is to be hoped that it will not take long to come back to life.

Meanwhile, Parler takes advantage of his “bug” ad –A simile to we are working to return– to send a message to the public:

“Now seems like the right time to remind everyone, lovers and haters alike, why we started this platform. We believe that privacy is paramount and freedom of expression essential, especially on social media. Our goal has always been been to provide a non-partisan public space where people can enjoy and exercise their rights over both.

We will solve whatever challenges we have before us and we plan to welcome you all soon. We will not let civil discourse perish! ”

In other words, Parler remains for a while.

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