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President Donald Trump was banned from most major social media after his supporters raided the federal Capitol. However, it remains to be seen how fast or what platform on the internet he could use – if any – to communicate with his followers.

Pro-far-right Parler was the main alternative, at least until Google and Apple pulled her from their app stores and Amazon planned to kick her out of its web host starting at midnight Pacific Time Sunday.

Parler’s CEO said those actions could take the platform offline for a week, a period that would be optimistic. And even if Parler did find a friendly web host, without a smartphone app, it’s hard to imagine he would rise to the category of a mainstream social network.

Parler, created two years ago and which has attracted the far right, claims to have more than 12 million users, although mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower sets the number at 10 million globally, of which 8 million in the United States. United. The number represents a fraction of the 89 million followers Trump had on Twitter.

However, Parler could be attractive to Trump, given that his sons Eric and Don Jr. are active on that social network. Parler encountered headwinds on Friday when Google withdrew from its application store that of that social network for smartphones for having allowed the dissemination of messages that seek “to incite the current violence in the United States.”

Apple followed suit Saturday night after giving Parler 24 hours to address complaints that it was used to “plan and facilitate even more illegal and dangerous activities.”

Problems related to public safety will need to be resolved sooner to restore it, Apple said.

A message was sent to Parler asking if the company plans to change its policies and monitor compliance around the issues mentioned.

Amazon dealt another setback to Parler by informing him that he would need to find another web host starting at midnight Sunday.

He recalled Parler in a letter that had informed him in recent weeks of 98 examples of messages “that clearly encourage and incite violence” and noted that the platform “represents a very real danger to public safety.”

Parler CEO John Matze decried the sanctions, describing them as “a coordinated attack by the tech giants to wipe out competition in the marketplace. We were very successful too fast, ”he said in a message Saturday night.

He noted that Parler may not be available for a week “as we rebuild from scratch.”

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