« Pay the Treasury, son of a bitch »

‘Sálvame’ is a program that usually has many live connections throughout its broadcasts, and during the afternoon of today, January 12, There has been one of them that one of the collaborators may take to forget: Kiko Matamoros. It all started as a result of the interview lived in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ last Sunday, where Javier Tudela, Makoke’s son, had a face to face with his former stepfather, whom he faced at various times during his interview.

Live connection of ‘Save me’

For this reason, as usually happens in the Telecinco afternoon format, they have reviewed what happened in the interview program, and for this reason, the reporter Sergi Ferré has traveled to the restaurant that the former contestant of the fourth edition of ‘Big Brother VIP’ has set up in a town near the city of Madrid, and there a disagreement has taken place that has rarely been seen in ‘Save me’.

The worker from La Fábrica de la Tele was told about the situation in which Javier Tudela’s gastronomic establishment was found, which had few customers since it opened, which Makoke’s son attributes to the coronavirus pandemic, when a group of three young people has burst in during the live show with the Telecinco format.

Kiko Matamoros responds to spontaneous

The first thing you could hear from one of them was that he said « pay your debts, Kiko, pay your debts », adding another later that « Matamoros, pay the Treasury, you bastard. » Finally, the third of them only insulted the collaborator, calling him « son of a bitch, fag », while removing his mask and dedicating a comb to the camera.

The program has quickly interrupted the connection, and it has been possible to hear the surprise of colleagues such as Lydia Lozano or Anabel Pantoja. Finally, Kiko Matamoros wanted to affirm that « the father will have sent them. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re doing. I’ve already explained it. And the son of a bitch, for the one who told you to tell me, fool, you apply it to him, that maybe you even get it right. Not in my case, but in yours maybe yes. « 

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