Pdel: Comeback of the ‘atomic twins’ to conquer their first title of the season

The Sánchez Alayeto sisters celebrate the title Adeslas Open. World Padel Tour

They have returned. Mapi and Majo Snchez Alayeto, the ‘atomic gemlas’ of the World Padel Tour, have once again conquered a title. And there are already 32. They haven’t done it since the Estrella Damm Open de Menorca in October 2019. A long time for the queens of paddle tennis in the last decade, who this Sunday celebrated with their arms raised, a smile from ear to ear and a hug between them. And they have done it in a big way, with a comeback included, in the Adeslas Open, third tournament since the resumption of the circuit after the coronavirus pandemic held at the Madrid Arena. The sisters beat Marta Ortega and Bea Gonzlez by 4-6, 6-4 and 6-4.

“It was a very tough game. We have started badly, but we have managed to recover, going from less to more. We have made a lot of team and we have played much better. We are going to dedicate this title to our parents, who haven’t seen them since February, and to the family. And we want to congratulate Marta and Bea because they are playing at a great level, “said Mapi just after finishing the women’s final.

Since November 2019, the sisters Majo and Mapi Snchez Alayeto were not in a final, specifically from Santander Wopen. His goal was to end the drought this Sunday, but things did not start well for the maas, who managed to save their first four serves with great difficulties, all four at the golden point. The suffocating pressure of Bea and Marta on the serve of their rivals ended up making the Alayeto succumb in their fifth service. A break by Marta Ortega and Bea Gonzlez gave their rivals an advantage (5-4) and they did not miss the opportunity to finish off and close the set with 6-4 in their favor.

We are always hungry for more and we are not satisfied “

Majo Snchez Alayeto, WPT player

The young couple (Bea is the youngest player in the history of the World Padel Tour to win a tournament, with 18 years, 7 months and 26 days, she took the Vuelve a Madrid Open) showed a high level, which was praised by the winners , although they keep their ambition intact. “It is the law of life, we are turning years and young people come from behind stomping, but they make us improve and we will not decline. We are always hungry for more and we do not settle,” said an ambitious Majo.

At second set, the ‘atomic twins’ recovered their best version and took the reins Thanks to two breaks that led them to be placed 4-2 in favor to seek the third sleeve, but the reaction of Ortega and Gonzlez arrived that managed to tie the set (4-4). They wanted their second consecutive title on the World Pdel Tour after winning the Back to Madrid Open. They weren’t going to make it easy for the Sanchez Alayeto. If they wanted to force the third, they would have to fight it and sweat it. And so it was, the maa couple was used to take the second set and tie the match.

Watching the level of the final, either of the two couples could take the title. It was going to be a matter of seeing who handled the pressure best and made the fewest mistakes. in the third set. Again, the sleeve was very even after a break in favor of Mapi and Majo at 2-0 and shortly after Bea and Marta recovered what they lost and went ahead with a break of service for 4-3, but the ‘atomic twins’ they left their skin to end their drought. They had four match points and ended up taking the final sleeve (6-4), the match and their first title of the season after two hours and 26 minutes of battle.