Pelosi asks Trump indictment: “he’s deranged and dangerous”

15 minutes. The president of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, Nancy Pelosi, calls for the immediate imputation of President Donald Trump, for inciting insurrection with last Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol by his supporters, and described the president as a “deranged “.

“Unfortunately, the person in charge of the Executive is a deranged, dangerous and out of control president“said Pelosi. Her statement is contained in a preview of an interview that the network CBS will broadcast on Sunday.

Pelosi acknowledged that Trump has just a few days left of a term that expires on January 20. “There is little left for us to be protected from him (Trump) but he has done something so serious that they should be charged”added.

The Democratic leader on Friday asked the Chairman of the Army Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, to “restrict” the outgoing president’s access to the “launch codes” for nuclear weapons.

“I spoke with the US chief of staff this morning to discuss how to prevent an unstable president from carrying out hostile military action,” he said.

In a letter informing Congress on the matter, Pelosi asserted that the situation “couldn’t be more dangerous”. He added that it is necessary to “do everything possible to protect the American people from the” assault on the country and democracy. “

Previously, Pelosi demanded that the president resign, something Trump is unwilling to do. What’s more, according to The New York TimesTrump regretted the video advocating a peaceful transition between administrations.

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