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If you receive a pension from the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) but due to the pandemic you do not want to leave home to avoid infections, we will tell you how you can ask for a deposit to be made via electronic transfer.

“If you are a retiree and pensioner of the institute, #PorTuBienestar y Seguridad we recommend that you request that your pension payment be made by electronic transfer; so you also protect yourself and others from # COVID19 ”, he published on his social networks.

You can request the payment of your pension via transfer. Photo: Pixabay

If in your case what you need is to process an ISSSTE Pension for age and services, you need the following requirements:

Official and valid identification, (IFE, INE, Passport, Professional Certificate) Current bank account statement, must be in the name of the person requesting the pension, must have the account number and CLABE number. This is optional, you can present the last proof of payment of the Worker, this can be of great help to check what was the salary you received. Voluntary savings

In the same way, you can make your voluntary Savings via electronic transfer, as follows:

Enter the Afore Pensionissste portal. You must generate a capture line depending on the type of contribution you want to make to your individual account, contributions can be voluntary or complementary. To carry out the capture line, you need to enter your Unique Population Registration Code (CURP). Enter your personal data, the amount you wish to request and the type of savings in a box. After completing the previous steps, the system will show you your Voluntary Contribution Deposit form. Once you have this format, you can make your deposits through the application or on your bank’s website.

These measures to carry out procedures without leaving home were implemented with the aim of reducing the number of Covid-19 infections. Similarly, the institute pointed out that this method of payment is more convenient for your health, comfortable and requires a less investment of time.

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