Peppa Pig’s homemade cake that has gone viral for its compromised shape

Cartoon characters are often an easy resource to choose from birthday cakes or cakes. The problem is when trying, in a homemade way, to replicate the image of these characters.

This is what happened to a British mother, who wanted to create a cake recreating the face of the popular pig Peppa Pig.

The problem is that the silhouette of the character created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley, if the proportions are not kept, can be tremendously similar to that of male genitalia. And Peppa Pig’s pink color doesn’t help either.

Indeed, this is what happened to the woman, that shared his creation on Facebook, where it went viral.

The Peppa Pig cartoon series premiered in May 2004 in the United Kingdom and in Spain since 2010. It is currently broadcast in more than 180 countries And it is one of the series the most successful drawings for the segment of preschool children today.

Peppa Pig's homemade cake.
Peppa Pig’s homemade cake.

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