“Pfizer is preparing a vaccine that will surely be snorted”

The neurovirologist José Antonio López has assured in the program this Friday of the Sixth Night that “Pfizer is working with a lyophilized vaccine [un proceso de deshidratación del medicamento]” Y that “will surely snort” which is a “plus point”, as it will not need to be stored in extremely low temperatures.

In addition, the expert has highlighted that “being inoculation through the nose, it would imply the more direct immune system activation, which is activated when the virus really infects you “, so” surely the immune response could be more powerful“.

López also wanted to emphasize that since it is a lyophilized vaccine its “transport and conservation” will be easier, since “it remains lyophilized, resuspended and would be introduced through the nose”, he explained.

As to its effectiveness, the neuroviologist has admitted that “It is not known how long the vaccine will protect us”, but what we do know is that “it will protect us” for “at least the time it is during the clinical trial.” To know if it will protect us for six months, we have to wait six months, “he said.

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