Photos of an iPhone 5s prototype are leaked in a color never presented

The prototypes of Apple devices are usually very strange and difficult to see pieces, although over the years it is easier to acquire one of these devices. Now a prototype of the iPhone 5s has been leaked, Apple’s first iPhone with Touch ID.

iOS 12 iPhone 5S
The iPhone 5s in space gray

The funny thing about this iPhone 5s model is that it is practically unique. As reported by the Twitter account that published the photos, it is a iPhone 5s in a never released color.

As can be seen in the images, this iPhone 5s is graphite black, and not space gray like the model that hit the market. This is probably due to an attempt by Apple to hide the design, since this color was available on the iPhone 5.

This unit has a slate gray iPhone 5 style casing (probably to try and hide the device) with numerous production differences (matte top and bottom)

In addition to color, the two upper and lower glass parts are not glossy glass, they are matte black. This iPhone 5s was reportedly made in December 2012, just a few months after the iPhone 5 was released.

IPhone 5s prototype
IPhone 5s prototype on the left and the official iPhone 5s color on the right

A unique iPhone 5s

He iPhone 5s released the popular space gray color that Apple has used in its devices for many, many years, and that is still an option today on many devices.

This new color that came with the iPhone 5s was due, in large part, to the controversy that arose with the black color of the iPhone 5. This color was too sensitive to shocks and black finish scratched easily.

The problems of the black iPhone 5
The problems of the black iPhone 5

Probably at the time of manufacture of this prototype, Apple had not yet decided to change the colors of your next iPhone range. Which in addition to the space gray color, also included the popular gold color.

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