Pilar Rubio surprises viewers of ‘El hormiguero’ with a ‘look’ like Marge Simpson

If last week Pilar Rubio managed to overcome the challenge of opening four padlocks under water in an urn with his eyes covered, this Tuesday he presented in its fashion section with a look most surprising, cartoon.

The collaborator usually shows Pablo Motos and his guests the latest trends on catwalks around the world, and the more extravagant the better, but left the presenter and Ramón García speechless with his ‘elevated’ hairstyle.

Motos, Pilar Rubio and Ramón García, in 'El hormiguero'.
Motos, Pilar Rubio and Ramón García, in ‘El hormiguero’.

“What happened to your head? It looks like a kebab,” he commented when he saw the Madrid woman with hair at the height of Marge Simpson herself., who replied laughing: “You don’t have glamor you don’t even know about fashion. “

Rubio began to parade to the beat of the music while Motos insisted: “Are you not going to explain about the head? “. The collaborator replied that “I have not had time to comb my hair, it has been something quick and casual. It is very easy to do.”

“How is the turf held up?” asked the driver of The anthill. Rubio explained that “You take the cardboard tube from a kitchen roll and roll the hair. But don’t ask me to move too much”.

After the explanation, he went on to describe the latest fashion trends and, at the end, as he usually does in every intervention, the three paraded and posed for the photo with the outfits proposed by the collaborator.

They also remembered how García met Rubio: “She was a hostess in a program next to mine, in The right price. She neither had children, nor was she married to Sergio Ramos or anything, “said the guest.

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