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Pink micro swimsuit, Daniella Chávez on an inflatable flamingo | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful model and influencer chilean, Daniella Chávez has not stopped being active on her social networks for quite some time and has managed to delight the pupils of her hundreds of millions of followers on Instagram.

Today we will address your last photograph placed on your official profile from networks social in which he was modeling on a inflatable flamingo in a very pretty pink micro swimsuit that barely covered her enormous charms in front of the professional camera that was capturing the moment.

This was part of a photoshoot which contained several photographs in which, by the way, they were also working to produce their exclusive content placed on their official uniform page where you can see much more of their beauty and of course with much less fabric covering.

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The photo has already achieved more than 86,000 likes and has been one of the favorites of her followers in recent weeks, although of course she has been striving to take the most attractive photos on the internet, always showing quite a lot of pride in her great beauty.

Daniella Chávez has a streak of attractive photographs and uncovered since the famous reggaeton Arcángel decided to make some comments about it, taking away the merits (or at least it is what I seemed) to the models and influencers who do their work and keep the internet happy.


What Dany’s fans like the most is that she is in contact with them in her stories, showing them a little more about her personal life, such as that she was having a very healthy quesadilla for breakfast with healthy ingredients and with very little fat.

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She also revealed that she is fascinated by straws and that she even has metal straws so as not to pollute the environment and that every time she has, she uses them to drink any of her drinks, something very curious that attracts attention and that very few knew about. she

There is no doubt that Daniella Chávez is an expert in producing attractive content and will surely be doing it continuously so you should not miss the show where we rescue her best photos, videos, curiosities, news and of course those beautiful stories, where she always ends up showing off her personality and wholesale beauty.

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