Pjanic, this year’s star signing, complains that he plays little

Among the signings that FC Barcelona has made in recent years, two fundamentally stand out based on the expectations placed on them: Frenkie De Jong Y Miralem Pjanic. Neither of them is being the expected shock, although the second is still blamed for having to adapt.

The problem, according to him, is that they are not giving him all the opportunities he deserves. He is not the undisputed starter and that bothers him. He has said it publicly in ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ and with words that leave little room for doubt.

Koeman, during the match against Cádiz

“I want to play more. Honestly, I do not understand the reason for this situation. It is clear that I want to play a lot more. I know I can give a lot, and when the coach has given me the option, I have always responded. I have done well, I have played good games. More than that, I don’t know what to do. I’m training and I’m ready, “his former team assured before the game against Juventus.

Delving further into the problem, without citing him, he points directly to Ronald Koeman, who has already been pointed out on several fronts. “It’s one hundred percent obvious. I’m not satisfied and I can’t be. In my career I have never accepted the idea of ​​not playing and I am not doing it now. We’ll see, I’m ready, I train well and I wait, I can’t do anything else. It is a very delicate situation that does not suit me, “he complains.

Pjanic has played six league games and five Champions League games for a total of 551 minutes, that supposes something less than 40% of the possible total.

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