The crash of the Pakistan International Airlines company plane caused 97 deaths on Friday, in addition to which only two passengers survived

The plane crash from the state company Pakistan International Airlines It caused 97 deaths and only two passengers survived, after the rescue teams will spend Friday night and part of this Saturday among the rubble, in the residential area of ​​Karachi where the aircraft crashed.

The plane crashed on Friday afternoon on the first day of the holiday of the end of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, very close to airport from the Pakistani economic capital in a residential neighborhood, destroying at least 25 houses, causing fires and chaos in the area.

“They have recovered 97 bodies, which we believe belong to the passengers. But the rescue operation continues, and more bodies may be found in the debris of the houses, ”said the spokesman of the Karachi commissioner, Faheem Rana.

The spokesperson indicated that there will be DNA tests to identify the bodies.

A woman who was injured when a Pakistan International Airlines passenger plane crashed in a residential neighborhood is transported to a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. EFE photo

But Meeran Yusuf, spokesman for the Department of Health of the Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital, told Efe that they believe there were no victims among the neighbors on land, despite the great damage in the area, and that all the dead are from the plane.

“No neighbor has reported a missing or dead person“, he claimed.

Another spokesman for the Karachi commissioner, Irfan Hussain, informed Efe that nine people were found wounds in the incident, of which only two continue to be admitted to hospitals.

Survivor story

One of the two survivors The plane reported from the hospital his experience in the aircraft accident, from which he escaped surrounded by fire and screams from the other passengers.

“The plane crashed. Afterwards, all I saw on the plane was fire. I didn’t see people, “Mohamed Zubair told Pakistani television Geo from the hospital bed where he is recovering from accident.

“I heard screaming in all directions. Screams of children, adults, the elderly, “he continued.

Zubair explained that after the crash the seat belt and went to a point of light he saw.

“I went to the light and I was successful. I had to jump about three meters to get out (of the plane), ”he said.

EFE photo

Zubair related that when they approached Karachi the pilot announced that they were going to land, but aborted the operation and then tried again 10 or 15 minutes later, without success.

The man suffered Burns in 31 percent of the body, Munir Sadiq, a doctor at the Karachi Civil Hospital where he is admitted, told Efe.

The other passenger who survived is the president of the Punjab BankZafar Masood.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his regret on the accident on Twitter and announced an investigation to clarify the causes of the incident.

With information from EFE