PlatinumGames anticipates an announcement for 2021 and fans are thinking of Bayonetta 3 – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The official website drops that the study has something prepared for this year, but there is no more information.

Bayonetta 3

Be a fan of PlatinumGames in recent times it is living in uncertainty and mystery. The Japanese study began to create excitement on its official website some time ago, anticipating different announcements that would come over time. But, apparently, there were still hidden surprises, and in the last hours the information on that website has changed and anticipate something for 2021.

The Four PlatinumGames website was used to announce Project GG, The Wonderful 101: Remastered, to comment that they had a division in Tokyo for other types of games and to make a joke. Now, if you enter the web and observe with some patience, the animation changes and reveals a fifth and new secret section, which now has a date that marks XX-XX-2021.

Bayonetta Image 3

It is evident that we have no idea what it could be, but fans have already begun to theorize saying that it is the Bayonetta 3 commercial. It is impossible to know, because the information is literally null, but it is true that recent statements by Hideki kamiya In which he said that he hopes to talk about the new Bayonetta video game in 2021, they give followers to think about it.

But it could be anything, because Kamiya has also commented in recent weeks that the studio has projects that has not announced yet, so we will have to wait for official information to know what that date means. By the way, Bayonetta 3 will be exclusive from Nintendo Switch, but that didn’t stop Kamiya speak openly of the 5 things you don’t like about the console.

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