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Play bottle with 2 men, Celia Lora proposes clothing (INSTAGRAM)

Play bottle with 2 men, Celia Lora proposes sea of ​​garments | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican model, Celia Lora has become one of the most important influencers in her country, Mexico, and is now venturing into the field of being a youtuberFor this reason, the young woman is uploading videos every opportunity she has and this time she presented us with one of the videos that she considers her favorite.

This is the last video on his channel in which he is dedicated to playing the bottle with two men, so it is two companions of Acapulco shore, with whom he gets along wonderfully and considers them one of his best friends so there was no shame when playing.

Many thought that it would be a Spin the bottle normal, however, Celia Lora proposed that the game would be based on answering some questions of general culture and the one who lost was going to have a drink or take off a garment, so everything became a quite funny and even very attractive show for many netizens.

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And as the video progressed, everything seemed like it was going to end with all the participants feeling cold by not having anything on, but we will not give you a spoiler so you can see it and enjoy it on your own.

If you like Celia Lora, surely You’ll love it the video, because in it they spent an excellent time laughing and talking in her pure style, all with that personality and charisma that characterizes her.

The beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the Mexican rock band El Tri, continues to promote her exclusive wholesale content page, sharing some taste of what the content you will find there would be, which is surely more open and attractive than what share on your social networks.

He also continues to help those companies that send him products as gifts, as we know all this last year he has been supporting small companies promoting their businesses through their stories.

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This has been a nice gesture on your part and it has helped many people to be able to promote their company as well as that you have been able to enjoy all the products that send you something very interesting as a gift that always ends up attracting attention on your profile.

Lately, Celia has joined forces with model friends to push her content a bit more and it has worked, as the test photos have been so attractive and successful that many people have taken the opportunity to join and check the photos and videos so uncovered that she has prepared for the cheer up.

There is no doubt that Celia Lora has become an excellent creator of entertainment and has greatly improved her person always seeking to help other people with their numbers that she assures that they are.

Celia Lora has become a great influencer, we recommend you keep an eye on Show News to find out all the news and not miss any of her beautiful images.

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