Playoffs NBA 2020: A sidereal Doncic (38 + 9 + 9) cannot avoid the KO of the Mavericks

2020 NBA Playoffs The Clippers reach the semifinals thanks to Kawhi (33 + 14 + 7) and George (15 + 9 + 7)

Marcus Morris assaults Doncic and is expelled from the party

A Doncic again sidereal (38 + 9 + 9) could not avoid the KO of the Mavericks against the Clippers (97-111), who headed for the Western Conference semifinals, beating Luka’s stubborn resistance with the efficiency of Kawhi (33 + 14 + 7) and Paul George (15 + 9 + 7), who seems to have overcome his depression and resembled the usual.

The Slovenian prodigy goes on vacation eliminated despite his great benefits and wondering what would have happened if the injured Porzingis had been by his side. That will never be known. What has been confirmed is that he has earned a place among the greatest in the NBA. She demonstrated it again with a new exhibition at her farewell.


The Mavericks led the way in the first quarter (34-29) thanks to Doncic (9 + 4 + 4). The Slovenian began to play with his rivals at will and drove Marcus Morris crazy, who in an entry to the Slovenian’s basket, after being outmaneuvered, I trip him and then a double blow to the head. Doncic ended up on the ground and when he got up he launched himself for the Clippers and they had to separate him. Morris was sent off for a flagrant type 2 offense.

The brawl slowed the Mavericks somewhat and allowed the Clippers to regain command in the second act (51-57) with the star appearances of Paul George (14 + 5) and Kawhi (11 + 8 + 4), something more discreet, as if not demanding in depth. He did it after the break and the Angelenos flew, reaching 20 rental points (54-74).


Everything seemed lost but Doncic appeared, who if not, to throw himself one more day into the team behind him, and in what way! The Slovenian began to monopolize almost all the attacks of his team quite effectively and made the comeback (82-88) after having scored nine points in a row, including a triple and two ‘2 + 1’ in just a minute and a half. He signed 16 points in that third act.

However, he had no strength for more. The Clippers redoubled their defenses on him, something that was predictable, and with three triples from Jackson they fastened the triumph that qualifies them to play the semifinals of the Western Conference against the won of the Jazz-Nuggets series (3-2).

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