Podemos will try again to strike down the Religion of the curriculum in the «Celaá law»

Josefina G. StegmannFOLLOWMADRID Updated: 11/18/2020 01: 27h Save Related news

Tomorrow is the big day for «Celaá law». The opinion of the educational bill of the Government (Lomloe) will be voted in the Plenary of Congress (in addition to the amendments that have not yet entered into it, the “live” as the transacted ones that also remained out).

Among the latter is that of Podemos, ERC and Mas País that have once again presented an amendment which aims to end the subject of Religion in the classrooms.

It is no longer a matter of not counting in the average grade or that it does not have a mirror subject, but that it directly disappears from the curriculum.

The amendment states the following: “Until they are reported and the agreements between the Spanish state and the Holy See are repealed, the teachings of confessional religion at the different educational levels will be developed, where appropriate, outside the curriculum and outside of school hours for all students and, in safeguarding of article 16.2 of the Constitution, will not appear in the academic documentation of the students any reference to having taken them or not ».

The parliamentary groups have until today at 11 a.m. to present new transactional amendments, that is, modifications to the Lomloe fruit of the agreement between several parties. If there were no substantial changes in them, the law would go ahead in Congress, as it is known until now: with Spanish eliminated as a vehicular language, the concerted asphyxiated and special education with an expiration date (that is, ten years ).

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