Politician Hillary Clinton and writer Louise Penny co-write a mystery novel

One of the best known fans of mystery novels, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is writing one.

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Clinton teams up with her friend, novelist Louise Penny, in “State of Terror,” whose plot could happen to someone in Clinton’s career: A “rookie” secretary of state, working in the administration of a rival politician, tries solve a wave of terrorist attacks. The novel goes on sale October 12, and will be published jointly by Clinton’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, and Penny’s, St. Martin’s Press.

“Writing a thriller with Louise is a dream come true,” Clinton, who has expressed her admiration for Penny and other mystery writers in the past, said in a statement Tuesday. “I have savored each of his books and his characters, as well as his friendship. Now we put our experiences together to explore the complex world of high-stakes diplomacy and treason. Not everything is what it seems at first ”.

Award-winning Canadian author Penny, whose novels include “The Cruelest Month” and “The Brutal Tale,” said in a statement that she couldn’t “say yes quickly enough” to the opportunity to work with Clinton.

“What an incredible experience, getting into the State Department. Inside the White House. Inside the mind of the Secretary of State as high-risk crises erupt, ”he said. “Before we begin, we talk about her time as Secretary of State. What was your worst nightmare? ‘State of terror’ is the answer ”.

Writing fiction and worst-case scenarios have become a favorite pastime for Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. He collaborated with James Patterson on the cyber thriller “The President Has Disappeared,” which sold for a million copies, and on a new novel, “The President’s Daughter,” which is out in June.

Hillary Clinton, secretary of state during Barack Obama’s first term, has written a handful of nonfiction works. Among them are the memoirs “Living History”; “Hard Choices,” which covers her time with Obama, who defeated her in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary; and “What Happened,” which centers on his surprising loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

“State of Terror” appears to be based not just on her years as secretary of state, but on her reflections on the Trump administration’s “America First” foreign policy. According to Simon & Schuster and St. Martin’s, the main character is “tasked with putting together a team to unravel the deadly conspiracy, a carefully designed scheme to take advantage of an American government dangerously out of touch and out of power in the places where it counts most. “

Financial terms were not disclosed. Clinton was represented by Washington attorney Robert Barnett, whose other clients include Obama and Bill Clinton. Penny was represented by David Gernert, whose New York-based company Gernert has worked with, among others, John Grisham, Stewart O’Nan and Chasten Buttigieg, husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. macos / deepLFree.translatedWithDeepL.text

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