Porto also achieves the Portuguese Cup with Mbemba dressed as a hero

Portuguese league The central one wrote down the two goals of head playing in numerical inferiority

Iker Casillas lifts the Portuguese Cup to heaven in his farewell as a Porto player

He Port achieved his second title of the season after the league, the Portuguese Cup, thanks to the double of Congolese Mbemba, savior of a team that was in the first half with 10 after two recklessness of the Colombian Luis Daz but ended up beating Benfica by 2- one.

The precious gesture of Porto with Casillas: he let him raise the Taa of Portugal

Benfica and Porto starred in the Cup duel in a empty stage due to coronavirus that amplified the coaches’ orders and the oaths and expletives of those involved in the face of the frustrations of the first half.

If Porto entered the game better, exhibiting rapid offensives and having the best chance of the first half hour, with a shot from Corona that forced him to show off Vlachodimos, Benfica was effective in balancing the balance, removing the rival in the process of madness.

The best test was the Colombian Luis Daz, who saw two yellow for fouls on Andr Almeida, the second of them with a blow to the leg so reckless that he did not leave the referee.

The “dragons” stayed at 38 with ten on the field and their coach, Srgio Conceio, in total irritation, which started with Daz’s first yellow.

His complaints after the player’s expulsion ended in his own departure: Artur Dias he got the red out of him in 43, tired of his protests.

Mbemba he rose as a hero already in ’47, with a header facilitated by a bad start from Vlachodimos, unleashing the blue and white joy.

Congolese confirmed the state of grace in 59, with the ball stopped again, and Porto relaxed the game thereafter, recreating himself and looking to pass the time.

They were already celebrating the title when Diogo Leite committed a foul on Rafa that became a penalty for Benfica in 83.

Vincius turned it into a goal a minute later, unleashing a desperate run in the last minutes to get the tie and force the extension, something that Jota almost did in 90, but it could not be.