Post-Brexit negotiations: Boris Johnson will land in Brussels

Big show in prospect for the “big final” of Brexit: the British Prime Minister is announced in Brussels in the coming hours, to negotiate in person the fate of the future relationship with the European Union.

ATn the end of a long telephone conversation at the end of the day on Monday, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the Head of Government in London agreed together to “discuss the remaining differences during a physical meeting in Brussels in the next few days, ”they said in a joint statement released shortly before 8 pm.

Before the summit

The date is not (yet) confirmed. In all likelihood, it should be in time for the European summit convened for two days on Thursday afternoon to be able to take note of the result of this final effort.

The European Council itself, a leading European diplomat warned earlier today, is obviously not negotiating Brexit, but could “welcome” or “take note” of a possible deal – or look into plans for it. emergency, in the event of a “no deal”.

The United Kingdom left the EU on January 31: it remains to be seen if the two parties can agree on a trade agreement, to ease the shock of the British exit from the single market and the European customs union, inexorable that one, December 31st at midnight.

Despite two days of intense negotiations in Brussels on Sunday and Monday between the chief negotiators (Michel Barnier, for the EU, and David Frost, for London) and their teams, nothing has changed, according to London, or so little, according to the EU.

The dead end remains intact

The impasse remains unresolved on the three points of dispute identified for months: the conditions of fair competition, the mechanism for settling future disputes and the fate of fishing in British waters. Frost and Barnier are therefore asked to “prepare an overview” of the points to be resolved, at the political level, between Johnson and von der Leyen.

“There is every chance that we will not reach” an agreement, already reported Monday evening a British government source – which mechanically increases the value of any agreement “torn” in Brussels … if Boris Johnson gives way (which we’ll see) !

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