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The rise of video games as the world’s most popular form of entertainment has caused consoles, accessories and physical titles to become coveted products and fall under the radar of criminals. However, sometimes the weight of the law does fall on them, as happened to a worker at the United States Postal Service who found a taste for stealing packages with consoles.

According to a Polygon report, Zoheb A. Deura, 34, a supervisor of the United States Postal Service, was sentenced to 3 years of probation, 9 of which will be confined to his home, and to pay a fine of $ 20,000 USD. after pleading guilty to theft of packages containing PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. According to the information, Deura, who accepted his guilt in October 2020, declared to have stolen these packages between February and April of last year, his most important loot being the Sony and Nintendo consoles, along with Apple products, although he also stole packages with clothes and shoes.

The hype for consoles, especially the new generation ones, has given rise to illegal, unfair or criminal activities. The case of that player who received a piece of concrete instead of his PS5 is known, as well as the assailants who are robbing trucks whose shipments include Next-Gen consoles. Last but not least, there is the activity of resellers who are taking control of pre-sales, leaving players who do want the console to play, frustrated.

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