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East Monday, February 22, 2021, the price of the dollar is at $ 20.7325 Mexican pesos, according to real-time information from the platform. According to information from Banxico on today’s closing, the dollar FIX ended up trading at 20.6783, to present an increase of 25.61 cents.

In turn, the Interbank Spot dollar ended in 20.6420 pesos, so it increased 12 cents from Friday. With this result, the peso spins five sessions losing ground against the dollar and accumulates a retracement of 68.90 cents.

According to economist Gabriela Siller, if Mexico’s perception of risk continues, the exchange rate between the peso and the dollar could rise to 21 pesos per dollar in the short term. Later it would be directed towards the technical resistance of 21.50 pesos.

Siller describes that the depreciation of the Mexican peso occurs due to three main factors: an increase in the perception of risk about the country; that the dollar has strengthened, and the contagion effect of the Brazilian real.

Dollar price in real time:

At the same time, the Banco Base specialist describes that the four aspects that would be causing concern about risks with respect to Mexico are: the slowness with which the vaccination process is developed in the country; the progress of the reform to the Electricity Industry Law; the probability that there will be more blackouts or power cuts and therefore lower the productivity of companies; and finally the fiscal support that will continue to be given to Pemex, which has already been announced.

Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks in Mexico, the dollar price reaches its highest level for sale at $ 21.50 in Banregio, while the lowest for purchase is at $ 19.40 at Banco Azteca and Banregio, according to With respect to the euro, it is priced at $ 25.23 pesos, for $ 29.18 pesos of the pound sterling in general average.

With respect to bitcoin, today it fell sharply after this Sunday had its highest all-time high, exceeding $ 58,000. Right now, the cryptocurrency stands at $ 53,984, with a downward trend, according to Investing.

Oil price in real time:

The price of a barrel of West Textas Intermediate (WTI) oil currently remains at $ 61.84; while Brent oil is located at 64.92 dollars per barrel.

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