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East Monday, February 21, 2021, the price of the dollar is at $ 20.7428 Mexican pesos, according to real-time information from the platform. On this day the peso begins to fall and the dollar is approaching 21 pesos per unit. Since last week, the Mexican currency was the most depreciated.

On Friday, Banxico registered that the FIX dollar closed trading at 20.4222 pesos and the Interbank Spot dollar ended the session trading at 20.5220 pesos, so it increased 16.30 cents.

So far this session, the Mexican currency is once again the currency with the highest depreciation. In the national context, the perception of risk in the country rises due to the progress of the reform proposed by AMLO to the Electricity Industry Law.

According to economist Gabriela Siller, Mexico is expected to only have natural gas to cover between 1.5 and 3 days of supply. This could mean that power outages continue, with the impact on economic activities. In previous days, these power outages affected 29 states in the country.

Dollar price in real time:

Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks in Mexico, the price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 21.50 in Banregio, while the lowest for purchase is at $ 19.33 at Banco Base, according to Dollar. info. With respect to the euro, it is priced at $ 25.18 pesos, for $ 29.13 pesos of the pound sterling in general average.

Oil price in real time:

The price of a barrel of West Textas Intermediate (WTI) oil is currently at $ 61.00; while Brent oil stands at $ 63.65 per barrel.

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