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Problems with Windows 10 are quite frequent and although Microsoft has reduced the number of serious errors in the last versions and is improving the general situation of software quality by opting to reduce the release of versions and new features, the hardware and software ecosystem is so gigantic that it seems impossible to reduce them to 100%.

Some are serious and require drastic solutions like formatting and installing an older version, and others can be solved using the restore tool. There are other types of errors, generally minor, that can be easily corrected by someone with sufficient knowledge. And remotely.

If you are an advanced user or an electronics or technology enthusiast, it is certain that more than once (and more than a hundred) friends or family have asked you for help to solve a problem with your computer equipment. You can go to their home, receive their equipment at yours or help by phone with the necessary instructions, but there are other simpler and faster options.

Windows 10 Quick Support is a new application that allows receive or provide help to solve computer problems via remote connection. It is included in the latest versions of the operating system and offers a smooth and easy-to-use experience for basic help.

Quick assistance to resolve problems with Windows 10

As you will surely waste less time doing it yourself and taking into account the era of confinement that we have had to live due to COVID-19, it is best to work remotely to solve those third-party computer problems. There are more specialized and complete tools that we will point out later, but a basic feature application included in the latest Microsoft system is Windows 10 Quick Support.

Before starting

It is obvious, but it must be commented on. Since these types of tools allow total (or partial) control of a third party’s personal computer, You should only use it and allow it with people you trust.. Both computers must be running Windows 10 and the support provider must sign in with a Microsoft ID account. Its start-up is simple:

If you are going to help: Click on the start button> All applications> Windows Accessories> Quick assistance.

problems with Windows 10

Under “Provide assistance” select “Help someone else.”

problems with Windows 10

Connect with a Microsoft ID account. The tool will provide you with a 6-digit security code that you have to share with the person you intend to help. There is an option to email it, but you can use either way. The code to connect expires in a certain time. Keep that in mind.

Windows 10 quick support

If they will help you: Click on the start button> All applications> Windows Accessories> Quick assistance. Select Get support and follow the instructions. Write down the six-digit code that you received from the person who will offer you assistance. Click on the «Screen Sharing» tab.

From here, the user offering assistance will have the option of taking control of the second PC or viewing the remote screen without fully controlling it. The user receiving the help will have to accept the connection, user account control or other security services. Very easy. In a few minutes (seconds) the connection will occur.

Problems with Windows 10?  Try quick assistance in case they can help you 34

If you have selected to view the screen, the same Windows 10 quick assistance will offer a series of tools such as:

Annotate. This allows the person providing assistance to draw directly on both screens using the mouse cursor. Restart. Windows 10 Quick Support will pause, but will automatically reopen when the PC restarts and Windows boots. Pause There is a button to Pause or Stop. The connection can be resumed by pressing the Play button in the same place. The person receiving assistance can stop assistance at any time by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the window. Task Manager. The most useful. It allows a lot of management and maintenance tasks as we saw in this guide.

Problems with Windows 10?  Try quick assistance in case they can help you 36

If you have selected full control you will have administrator access to any part of the computer, use the console or control panel, uninstall problematic applications or drivers, clean malware that has not been loaded in memory and in general solve almost any type of problem with it.

Microsoft offers another series of tools such as Remote Assistance so that someone you trust can help you solve problems and there are other options for connecting computers such as Windows Remote Desktop itself. Apple also offers remote access software and of course Linux distributions especially from the open VNC standard.

However, these types of tools are more focused on general administration tasks, their implementation requires some knowledge, running your own server, configuring port forwarding, configuring dynamic DNS or managing security on your own.

Other paid or free options come from specialized applications such as TeamViewer, easy to use and configure, free for non-commercial uses, which has versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices for remote control Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. Without However, nothing is easier than using tools from the same system such as this new Windows 10 quick assistance application that works really well and is so simple to start as we have reminded you.

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