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▲ At the Kraken stadium there was not the ideal distance between the fans that populated the stands during the match on date one, where Mazatlán beat the Rayos 3-2. Photo Jam Media

Marlene Santos Alejo

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, p. a10

José Guadalupe Cruz, Necaxa coach, commented that in the match on date one of the Guardianes 2021 tournament, when the Rayos visited Mazatlán FC and the Kraken stadium opened its doors to the public, there was no adequate social distancing in the stands, a situation that left him worried.

In turn, the Rayos are preparing a 30 percent opening of the Victoria stadium to host their audience when they host Atlético San Luis on Friday, at the beginning of day two, since the board made the corresponding procedures before the authorities civilians and the Mexican Soccer Federation.

“Playing without an audience produces a very strange feeling, because people give it a special atmosphere, bring joy and color to the stands, and that obviously motivates, encourages the players, the coaching staff and everyone; So seeing the fans in Mazatlán made me happy, it made me happy because it’s different, it’s nice to hear what they say, what they shout, the celebration of a goal, in short.

“However, I am very struck by the fact that it was authorized just when the levels of Covid contagions have risen not only in Mexico, but throughout the world. I think that the risk increases too much if the protocols are not respected; I saw people very close together and rows of seats occupied one after another. This is disturbing because the situation can become more serious.

Finally, everyone decides whether or not to go. I believe that the important thing is the maturity and the conscience of each person to decide if they take the risk when attending. It seems to me that if other scenarios or the same Kraken are going to open, that aspect must be taken care of: the distance between fans, and thus lower the risk levels.

He recalled that the Victoria Stadium received the public on the 14th date of the 2020 Guardians, on October 16, the last match against Xolos, and unlike what I observed on Friday, in Aguascalientes there was enough distance between one and the other, the seats were marked and people respected. I know that the Mazatlán stadium is much smaller, but there was definitely not that distance.

Regarding the coronavirus outbreaks that dot the 18 teams of the Liga Mx, he admitted that the federation has not established a criterion in which it is specified that with a certain number of infected players a game should be postponed.

“I understand that finances are not the healthiest right now, the pandemic has affected everyone’s economy.

“We must adapt to the situation, enhance talent, resources, maximize the tools available, because with regret and making excuses you are not going to go anywhere … Later we will see if it reached us to reach the initial objective of being between the best eight. I do not doubt that with work and taking care of ourselves to be healthy we will be able to achieve the goals, “reasoned Cruz.

As for having started the contest with a setback (3-2), he commented: “When you make mistakes in very specific moments and the rival takes advantage, it logically affects you. But analyzing the proposal of both teams, you might think that the defeat was very unfair, no way, they got it right and we lacked forcefulness.

I’d be worried if we didn’t generate arrivals. Personally I remain calm, it seems to me that the performance, without bordering on the optimal, was good for being the first date. On Friday, at home against San Luis, we must recover, said Profe Cruz, who announced that his board of directors is making arrangements to hire a foreign striker and midfielder.

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