Profeco closed 2020 with better positioning in social networks – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The director of the Intelligence Business Unit of the company specializing in measurement and impacts of Metric networks, Ingrid Álvarez, revealed that after a study carried out by the agency, it detected that the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) has presented a greater positioning in networks during 2020.

In an interview with MILENIO the representative Metric, explained that for the analysis, they do a search in digital media, such as Twitter, Facebook or Google, to find out what was specifically discussed about Profeco, and the attorney Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, looking for all the mentions in digital media that are related to them.

“We saw the searches that people do, I saw the search behavior that Profeco has had in the last five years, it has been maintained; But yes in 2020, there are some peaks that are more prominent than the previous five years. In terms of the positioning they have done, in 2020 they had more things to announce and it does become more visible depending on how useful Profeco is ”, he stated.

He explained that among the results they could find was that There is constant activity on people’s requests for Profeco to review a product or service, and even the complaints that users have about companies, « then that goes in the normal and constant way. »

The second inflection point or major searches for Profeco in 2020 that they found, were topics about misleading advertising in the process of the sale of the presidential plane, “since it was a media issue, it caused an inflection related to them because people complained with Profeco ”.

“The highest point of all was the analysis they made to ban the sale of some brands of cheese. That was because it matters to public opinion, as well as to the brands that produce them, and there were companies that were noted to be loved and were a trend ”, he said.

He stressed that they found that Profeco has a constant in terms of positive and negative attitude, « this is because people ask the agency for help and manage to position themselves, the bad thing would be if they did not look to Profeco to solve something.

About Ricardo Sheffield, indicated that the negative points that were presented are related to the fact that people considered that he had a bad management of the strategy during the process of lowering gasoline prices, “they consider that he did not manage it well, and they label him to complain of that ».

“They also label it to demand that there be a lack of sanctions for gas stations that are not complying with the rules. This issue of gas stations has an impact on public opinion, people keep asking for a better strategy for implementation, ”said Álvarez.

For the former head of Profeco, Carlos Arce, who was a solicitor in Vicente Fox’s administration, said that in the matter of gasoline, “the current administration has been lucky, because consumption fell for a long time, and it did not become something gasoline is substantial for Mexicans due to lack of mobility. So that has helped this Profeco a lot ”.

He added that on the budget issue, this body has been one of the most affected for many years. « During the period where I was, there was a good presidential support and we worked conveniently, but later, the institution was very weakened, right now it is regaining vigor, because they are one of the few things about the public administration that the President knows » .

“I think they are doing a job so far that is what they have identified in the Federal Consumer Protection Law, that’s the important thing; In government, each institution must comply with the law that governs it, it is not complying with the president, but with the law. I believe that if it is fulfilling its functions until now, it would need more budget to have greater scope, « he said in an interview with MILENIO.


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