One of the problems that have arisen in recent days during the contingency due to Covid-19 is he price rise in products of the basic basket. For example, the egg, which has registered a cost of up to 80 pesos, the wallet with 30 pieces. In situations of this type, Profeco warned that it will use its powers to fine establishments that incur in these practices, with fines that can reach three million pesos. Read Did they increase the price of the omelette? This says Profeco

The prices of products in the basket have increased in recent days. Photo: Reforma

According to a release of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, the agency issued 20 warnings and information requests to key companies in the chain of production and distribution of basic products and supplies such as eggs, beans, nixtamal flour, molasses, ethyl alcohol and corn, for unjustified increase of prices.

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In addition, the agency issued 6 warnings and requests to fuel suppliers, which, despite the decrease in international oil prices, have not lowered gasoline prices.

Attorney Ricardo Sheffield Padilla reported that since this week, Profeco, in use of the extraordinary powers granted by the Federal Consumer Protection Law after the declaration of health contingency that occurred on Tuesday, March 24, seeks to avoid and sanction unjustified price hikes, as well as hoarding and speculation practices.

 Within the poultry sector were: Bachoco Industries, Poultry Products El Calvario, Guadalupe Companies, Gena Agropecuaria, Animal Protein, Poultry and Porcícola de los Altos; while the bean sector includes: Buhler, OMG International, Del Campo Productos.
 For the nixtamal flour sector, Grupo Industrial Maseca was required; from the molasses sector: Beta San Miguel, Zucarmex, Promotora Industrial Azucarera, Warehouse México. In the ethyl alcohol sector: Alcoholera de Zapopan, Ingenio La Gloria, Ingenio Constancia; while in the corn sector: Cargill de México, Bayer de México, Bartlett de México.
 In the fuel sector, the following were received: Grupo Eco, Empresa Chevron; Warm Earth Operator; BP México, Shell México Company, Oxxo Gas.

All companies must reply to Profeco within 24 hours, justifying the increase in prices, or why they have not lowered them, in the case of gasoline; otherwise, administrative procedures will be initiated that could culminate with product immobilization and / or fines of more than 3 million pesos, among others.

The head of Profeco reiterated that there is no justification for the increases, since Mexico has been in surplus for these products for years, and called for the solidarity of companies in this situation of health contingency.

If you want to file a complaint and report, Profeco has the Consumer Telephone 55 5568 8722 or also email


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